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Gürtel Maverick

  • 74.25 EUR
  • 23.26 EUR

Kraftig, rejäl och skön livrem i hög kvalitet

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Article Number: 705

The Maverick Assaulters Belt is an ergo-nomic 1-3/4 rigger’s belt with a comfortable pre-curved design and AustriAlpin® buckle assembly for stability and quick attach-detach capability. Varying male/female buckles give the Maverick Assaulter convenient one-time fit-and-forget wearability.

  • ast and convenient rigger's belt
  • One-time fit and forget
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable, rugged construction
  • 1.75" wide
  • Front web loop
  • Customizable AustriAlpin® buckles
  • 125 cm 

Gürtel Swevest

36.89 EUR