Dog Bed Järven

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A dog bed made from genuine buffalo hide, easy to clean and will last for years of bedding with sharp claws

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Let me present to you, the first dog bead in Sweden made of pure authentic buffalo leather.
Why buffalo leather? many dogs are "bedding" with is pretty much digging like cerazy before going to sleep.
The claws will easily break most bed, no matter the brand or what the producer claim the bed to be made off.
99% of the time when brands say that the dog bed is made of leather, its actually PU-leather (plastic)
Our bed is superstrong and not even my own two dogs, a Catahoula and a beagle has even made a mark in their beds.
When dirty, just clean them with warm water and soap or leather cleaner.
We well the bed without filling, due to the heavy cost of shipping. You can easily find an inexpensive mattress 60 cm Wide and 12 cm thick. Cut it to 60 CM and put it there.
In Sweden we also often use hay/ dry straw with make it easy for the dog to make the bed fit hos body.
Color is dark brown and the leather is waxed buffalo leather, same as in out leather pants Järven
The Zipper is YKK #7, heavy duty

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