Leather pants "Järven"

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Köp valfritt plagg i vadmal och ett par Järven/ Oden skinnbyxor så får du 15% rabatt på setet!!

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Handmade high end quality leather pants for hunters.

Waist is the only thing you choose, al legs are 36" in length, you cut them yourself for a perfect fit.

Keep in mind that leather gets bit bigger after use and especially when used in rain and when it gets wet.

Jeans style pattern.

Two "jeans-pockets" on the side.

two back pockets, also in classic jeans style. (Nubuck Leather)

One pocket on the right side, 20*20cm with YKK brass zipper.

One pocket on the left side, 10*20 cm in size, just a snap on lock.

Water proof, but you must renew the protection one/ twice a year for continuous water protection.

They are protected with special wax on delivery.

Pockets in Nubuck Leather.

Zipper to open the pants on the backside for ventilation.

D-loop for brazens.

High end quality VAG leather and Nubuck Leather.