Leather pants with kevlar

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Perfect for us dog lovers, leather pants with kevlar. Protects you from aggressive / injured wild boar on the hunt

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Handmade high end quality leather pants for hunters.
They do have two linings, one for comfort and one for protection agains among other things, attacking wild boars, genuin Kevlar.
The kevlar we use is a 220GSM thick Interlock from Kevlar.

Waist is the only thing you choose, al legs are 36" in length, you cut them yourself for a perfect fit.
Keep in mind that leather gets bit bigger after use and especially when used in rain and when it gets wet.

Jeans style pattern.
Two "jeans-pockets" on the side.
two back pockets, also in classic jeans style. (Nubuck Leather)
One pocket on the right side, 20*20cm with YKK brass zipper.
One pocket on the left side, 10*20 cm in size, just a snap on lock.
Water proof, but you must renew the protection one/ twice a year for continuous water protection.
They are protected with special wax on delivery.
Pockets in Nubuck Leather.
Zipper to open the pants on the backside for ventilation.
D-loop for brazens.
High end quality VAG leather and Nubuck Leather.